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Gemila rent only in the city of Milan, for short and long periods (minimum three months, maximum four years, renewable). Signing contracts therefore extremely flexible, tailored to the needs of customers.
The apartments of Gemila are all furnished and equipped, of various sizes, from onebedroom to three bedrooms, with electricity and gas already connected and made payable to Gemila.
Gemila is an alternative on the one hand to residences and hotels, the other to the traditional flat, which is normally rented for at least a year, more often for 4 + 4 years old and still rigid contracts with respect to the duration, notice, early termination. Click on vacant apartments soon to find what we have available now.

The contract signed by Gemila, duly registered, is inspired by the legal rules that governing contracts in Italy: transients (starting from a minimum of three months), annual and multi-year. The model is the one provided by the Agenzie delle Entrate. A security deposit is specified for each apartment, and the payment of the rent is monthly.
Gemila delivery the apartment perfectly clean, with all lifts and accessories controlled, guaranteed and fully functional. All paperwork for registration, renewal and termination of contracts are also made by Gemila no charge to the customer.

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